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OPEN LETTER: Omo-Agege is an agent of disunity – APC Delta State

DSP Agege is a man with dual personality and those criticising him have been genuinely justified and vindicated as can be seen from his deceitful, misguided and misappropriation of top political appointments to the disadvantage of Urhobo Nation.

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BYLatimo’e Fred Oghenesivbe

DSP Ovie Agege. Misappropriation of Political Appointments And The Regrets 0f Urhobo Nation. By Fred Oghenesivbe Esq.

My cause of action is the misappropriation of top political appointments by the so called first Urhobo Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo Augustine Agege, who deliberately pitched tent with the Yoruba Nation to the disadvantage of Delta State and the good people of Urhobo Ethnic Nationality in Delta Central Senatorial District.

Let me state from the outset that Senator Agege’s dual personality ought to be a great concern for all right thinking people of Delta Central, but alas the “Agege Voodoo” remained potent in the minds. soul and spirit of his victims.

And for those who made extra efforts to decode Agege‘s multifaceted coded deals are quick to tell you that the Orogun born politician is a super chameleon and a backstabber, anytime, anyday.

True to his unpredictable nature, Agege recently shocked Delta State and Urhobo Nation, by appointing his top media aides from the Yoruba Nation of the South West, not minding the socioeconomic disadvantage his actions brings to South South, Delta State and Delta Central Senatorial District. pointing to show that the 9th NASS Assembly DSP, is insensitive to the plight of the economically disadvantaged Urhobo Nation.

Dr Itive lgbuzor, is Agege’s Chief of Staff and hails from Orogun community with the DSP. That in itself does not pose much problem because of the sound credentials and wealth of experience garnered by lgbuzor, a pastor, a well known public speaker and Pharmacist of no mean repute, even though some prominent Urhobo leaders are not comfortable with his appointment.

DSP Agege is from Orogun and it is only fair that his Chief of Staff should come from another axis of Delta Central, comprising eight local government areas. As it is today, Ughelli North and Orogun community are highly favoured to the detriment of seven LGAs. Senator Agege‘s wrong choice of top media aides points to the fact that Delta State and Urhobo Nation are yet to produce qualified and experienced Journalists and as such the Yoruba Nation is best suited to man his media unit as DSP.

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lwish to corroborate the apt submission of one of Agege s diehard supporter and writer who said the USPS blunder further attest to the popular assumption that Urhobos are known, over the years. not to help their own once they climb to the enviable corridors of political power. i agree with him to the exclusion of Chief James lbori. Senator lghoyota Amori and a few others. who did the needful to position some eligible sons and daughters of Urhobo Nation in strategic positions from 1999 till date and still counting.

It is therefore safe to assert that those depending on the DSP slot for Urhobo Nation may have to wait a little longer because the signs emanating from Orogun openly suggest that Agege do not have the interest of Urhobo Nation at heart.

The way and manner Senator Agege betrayed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and his political mentors in Delta State, is still fresh in our memory. Those he back stabbed politically are also prominent sons and leaders of Urhobo Nation. But this time around, he went a little further to betray our youth, women and those who day and night believed in him as a possible political Messiah.

I have always told those who care to listen that Senator Agege is an agent of disunity in Urhobo Nation; a self centered individual. crude and vindictive in all ramification. He is not a man to be trusted and it will do us more good than harm if we jointly deal with this poisonous “Agege Voodoo” that is tiering Delta Central apart.

I pity our youth who spent sleepless nights promoting Agege’s DSP ambition. They abused anybody who spoke a word against him. and turned those criticising Agege to a punch of bag. They called Oghenesivbe Fred Latimore unprintable names and went further to invoke all evil spirits and ancestors of Urhobo nation against Agege haters.

I cry today because the hope of Urhobo youth. women and stakeholders is gradually being eroded and DSP Agege who is temporary on top care not about your wailing and regrets.

It has been alleged that Orogun people are from Kwale. and that they have nothing in common with Urhobo except Urhobo peoples votes during elections. Agege s recent misappropriation of appointments tend to give further credence to this assumption and he alone can prove historians wrong.

DSP Agege is a man with dual personality and those criticising him have been genuinely justified and vindicated as can be seen from his deceitful, misguided and misappropriation of top political appointments to the disadvantage of Urhobo Nation. So help us God!

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