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Oil magnete, Arthur Eze shows off his music talent

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Nigerian billionaire oil magnate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Prince Arthur Eze, Ozoigbondu dedicates time to doing things that make him happy, and dances with his fledged choir and band.

The Prince of Sub-Saharan Africa, who was spotted in the retrieved clip surprised his guests and choir with a total yet mastery takeover of the long gong during the regular praise and worship session at his palatial mansion.

Engaging in what makes us happy sometimes becomes necessary therapy needed mostly than acquired wealth and riches.

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However, Authur, for some time now has not been involved in political activity even as the 2023 general election approaches and may have decided to spend moments with family and friends at home.

We understand the oil magnate is among one the opinion molders within the corridor of power.

In the Nigerian context, the godfather blessing, and adaptation of political candidates have had a large influence on who emerges winner at the poll.

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