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Ofo is the central Igbo spirituality, Christianity causing deaths – Traditionalist reveals (video)

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A traditionalist has linked humiliation, untimely death experienced within Igbos to violation of traditional religion, given the deep meaning of ‘Ofo’ and its Biblical backing to Igbo culture, norms, and tradition.

In a video made available to SCANNEWS24, the Igboman who hails from Imo State, with Facebook name, Iwu Chideogu M. Ogbu addressed the misconception between African Traditional Religion and Christianity, adding Igbos have lost its values because of Christian Religion.

His analysis concentrated on Ofo, Reincarnation, and Totem, how the continued violation due to Christianity has led to increased recorded deaths.

He said Ofo is the central Igbo spirituality, it is a sacred staff of authority. An emblem symbolizing the links between Chukwu okike (the creator of all), man and, the dead, the living, and the unborn.

It symbolizes justice, righteousness, and truth.

One who is found in the aforesaid role ought to be an ambassador of peace and truth, will not sleep with another man’s wife or steal from other people’s property and when one does things to the contrary, the person will die.

Traditional staff is biblically backed in the book of Psalm 23 versus 4, where it is keynoted ‘Ofo na Ogu’ ( my Rod and staff). Also can be located in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 27, reading from 11 to 26 where the uses of ofo are specified. Ogbu hinted.

He expressed worry that the present-day generation sees a custodian of such office as an Idle worshiper, and discriminate against him.

The traditionalist revealed that he carried out research on Torah, the Jewish Bible containing the laws of Moses, Tanakh, comprising the writings of the Prophet, Holy Bible, for Christians as well Qur’an, the Islamic book and there is no difference.

He, however, pointed out that Christianity has brainwashed Igbos to have violated so many traditional values like reincarnation, Totem, leading to massive untimely deaths.

He maintained that across Igboland, different communities have their Totem, which they are meant to preserve and respected, like ancient Trees, Animals, etc as applied in some other African and Asian countries but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

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