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“Northern Governors Plan To Start war In 2022” Revelations by late Dr. Obadiah (Video)

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Late Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, the ex-CBN Boss Who Was Reported Dead seems to let behind numerous revealing records to the public through the course of his many media interviews and briefings.

One of the previous statements was accounts of activities of the rampaging insurgents and bandits holding Nigeria to her knees mainly within the northern states.

The former CBN boss said his team met with some of the high profile criminals and their high commanders severally to strike a deal towards halting insurgency in the region and country.

He made open that one of the current Northern governors is the commander of Boko Haram terrorists throughout the Nigeria sector.

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Mailafia noted there is nothing to separate between both killers causing mayhem in Nigeria, assing that they have a sophisticated network that is utilized to move and distribute weapons and logistics to different quarters during COVID-19 lockdown including forests in Southern Nigeria.

The late Doctor hinted that the terrorists that had interactions with them further revealed that the killings within the rural areas are phase one and would move to two upon accomplishment first stage.

The next phase would be to be visiting prominent figures in the cities.

He uncovered that the key game plan was to start a civil war in the country come 2022, advised not to let down his revelations, and not to joke with them. Video

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