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Northern Elder and APC Chieftain calls for review of expired Nigeria amalgamation (Video)

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A prominent Northern elder has called on Nigeria’s stakeholders to consider a review of Nigeria’s 1914 amalgamation in view of disintegration clamour.

Muazu Magaji, an All Progressive Congress Chieftain made the call on Friday while on Channels’ Television Sunrise Daily programme, adding that the amalgamation has expired.

Magaji, notably said the design of Nigeria’s structure has over time caused regions to keep accusing each other of injustice and inequity.

He further added that everyone is virtually suffering but the wrong structure of the country makes it appear like the North is benefiting than the other.

He called on National Assembly to take up steps for immediate review of the constitution to reliable social and economic model so that his people and the south would experience a sense of ownership.

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This is coming when the majority of Nigerians are calling on the federal government to organize a referendum to determine the continued coexistence of the regions.

Recently, Western Youths under the aegis of Yoruba Nation have joined forces with their southeastern counterparts under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu agitate for sovereign states of Biafra and Oduduwa.

Both agitating groups have experienced diverse clampdown under President Mohammadu Buhari’s led forces, a number of their supporters held in different prisons across the country.

Simply, a notable Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clarke had expressed fear that if the country is not given close attention it may split up within a space of six months.

Clarke, who was speaking during a chat on Channels Television advised the presidency and Department of State Security to halt plans targeted on Nigerians expressing pains and suffering. He suggested Nigeria be divided into six regions.

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