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Non-check of unnecessary birthing in the North poses great danger – Ben Bruce

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Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has raised concern over the explosive population, said Nigeria may be in great danger if actual data of Nigerians are not tallied to meet economical requirements.

He remarked while supporting a motion before the Senate nothing that Nigeria must be ready for the ongoing revolution.

He noted that it comes a time when the hunted will hunt the hunter in the country because some part of the country believes in going birth to children without considering their education.

Regards Bruce stands, major parts of the North, both Kano, Zamfara, Almajiris has been hit with COVID-19 diseases which have warranted the state governments to relocate them back to home states.

Almajiris are majorly seen on the streets loitering begging for alms from the public. They feared to had been infected with the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.

Both Benue, Lagos states reportedly halted the movement of vehicles transporting Almajiris into the states. Some states in Enugu, Abai, Anambra States have raised the alarm of inflows of illegal movement of Almajiris trooping into the states.

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has alleged in a statement that those affected states in the North have plans to move those COVID-19 patients into the South Eastern region.


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