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No-joke-Wike takes man to isolation centre, disarmed his escort as he combs major roads

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Governor Nyesome Wike, definitely, is leading from the front as restriction of movement in the Rivers States gets to the fourth day.

In a viral video sent to SCANNEWS24 from our Internet report (i-Report channel) showed the governor monitoring major streets and expressways in bid arrest the spread of the deadly virus, COVID-19.

One of the victims accosted by the governor Wike, according to the video footage, with Toyota Jeep, was forced to step down from the vehicle.

Wike, who had accused his Police Commissioner of betrayal, could not hold his emotion on sighting a police officer attached to the vehicle, he ordered him to leave the scene immediately.

The owner of the Jeep, who appeared to be notable personality, made an effort to introduce himself but was resisted and directed to be locked up in isolation centre.

The governor, who appeared angry said “My friend, take him up (ordering his security details to arrest owner of the vehicle whose name was not ascertained).

He continued “I have warned you people (referring to the police escort).

“Take him to the isolation centre, please.

“You people will trek-back wherever you’re coming from (to some security officers illegally on patrol).

Amongst others who were unlucky but a pardoned pregnant woman, who accidentally was heading for medical checks.


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