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Nnamdi Kanu Set to Forgo Biafra Agitation On 8 Conditions

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The journey for Biafra restoration edging to end following some stipulated conditions given by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The statement made available to SCANNEWS24 with the title “Nnamdi Kanu Speaks On How To End Biafra Agitation, as a response to a question by a Nigerian.

The question, which was raised by a Yoruba man (name withheld) requested to know kind of conditions to be met for the Biafra struggle to die and laid rest.

Nnamdi Kanu, in his response, gave eight conditions for him to support one Nigeria.

The First on the list was to Close down Sea Port sighted in Lagos and reopen Calabar, Onitsha and Warri, and Port Harcourt Ports.

Secondly, He requested closure of all international airports linked to Abuja and Lagos and in turn, open Enugu, Calabar, Owerri, Asaba, Uyo, and Port Harcourt airports to engage on an international operation.

Kanu noted third demand was, to move to Enugu, Port Harcourt, and Calabar all international and diplomatic missions, embassies, and consulates from Lagos, Kano, and Abuja.

Next on the fort line noted that Central Bank, NNPC, and other federal government managed agencies currently located in Abuja and Lagos must be moved to both Enugu, Calabar, and Port Harcourt.

Fifth, All multinational companies presently having their headquarters Lagos and Abuja must be relocated Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Enugu respectively.

In the line, All oil companies, including SPDC, must move their Head Offices to Port Harcourt as the oil capital of Nigeria

The second to the eighth condition demanded Tertiary institutions and Admission Commission must impose Northern children given entrance into federal schools with 300 score points while their counterparts from the East be reduced to 20 score points.

The last on the enlisted conditions stipulated that all federal road projects in the North and southwest be handled by indigenous companies and the ones projected to southeast and South-South be overseen by Julius Berger and other popular foreign construction companies.

Kanu explained, by the X-rayed points, everyone will be allowed to enjoy an equal opportunity, develop at the same pace, and accord respect to each other irrespective of tribe, religion, and place of birth.

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