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Nnamdi Kanu reacts to a misleading impression against him in a hot media interview (Video)

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Nnamdi Kanu has reacted to what he described as ‘misleading’ information against him following his Radio Broadcast on #EndSARS protest alleging he ordered to destroy properties belonging to Yorubas.

Explaining in a video chat with former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode and other notable Yoruba elites on Thursday said the tape in circulation was doctored to paint him bad.

In his words: “First of all, before I dive into the substance of the question you asked, I wish to commend the sacrifice and bravery, the forthrightness and formidability of Nigerian youth right across the very country at this moment in time, doing something that no other generation in black Africa never want to do.

“This is a moment in history that will be looked back on in generations to come as the time politics of ethnicity the politics of tribe, the politics of religion was put to bed.

“You made reference to a clip making rounds, Yes, I can categorically tell you it is my voice.

“Yes, I made a broadcast yesterday when young people were being slaughtered at Lekki Tollgates. And in that very speech, I made it was very clear and ambiguous. But the people that cut,  and paste and put the clip together were trying to be mischievous.

“Their intention is trying to infuse an element of tribal ethnicity in the ongoing campaign to free the young people from the bondage that Nigeria has become.

“And their intention, I believe, have failed very woefully.

“At no time did I insinuate or said anything that creates the erroneous impression (which they are now peddling) that said taking over control of Lagos State.

“I was live on air and somebody called, (a Biafran for that matter) a young lady called from Lekki they were under attack. And as a matter of fact, that very clip has been posted on my Facebook page. And I made it very clear the fact that sheer Muslims were slaughtered and nobody did anything and IPOB over the years have been slaughtered and nothing ever happened that has given impetus to the government to do what they did at Lekki Tollgates.

“Unless you do not have a child, anybody who has empathy, who has a child, who is a parent, you will feel what these people went through a couple of nights ago.

“And at the heat of the moment, enraged and angry that such thing could be happening to those holding Nigerian flag and singing Nigerian national anthem, that spontaneous anger and rage within those survival at Lekki Tollgate spilled out to what you are now having today.

“It was the government that provoked, we need those that were involved and their names were mentioned and the people took it upon themselves to exact revenge. That was exactly what happened”.

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