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Nnamdi Kanu gets int’l recognition as he explained how, kind of Biafra in view (Video)

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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu exploration to extend the gospel of Biafra takes an advanced stage following his recent media interaction within the African shore.

The IPOB leader was on Friday granted an exclusive interview to a Ghana-based media house, Punchline Africa where he made major striking revelations on how Biafra will be organized politically if achieved.

Responding to series of questions by Dr. David Matsanga, the anchor, Kanu noted that ethnic nationalities that will compose the expected country, Biafra will be guaranteed by virtue of existence as dignified people than using law as a measure.

He pointedly added that it will be void of militarization, highly engaged in innovation, creativity, and electricity powered by green energy instead of as or petrol.

He also anticipates building a country that will focus inward, sensitive to human rights, far from rancho, women, and men will be equal despite religion or orientation

He posited, due to poor landmarks there will be consideration of open-door policy and every black dweller would automatically be a citizen as long as not a terrorist.

He expects to see a real democratic nation that would always use dialogue and negotiation to resolve differences and no one Lords over others, which has remained the principles of the ancestors he adores and upholds.

He further revealed that Biafra will be totally independent and autonomous from other countries, to governor itself or one dictating to others from the helm of power and that is Biafra that existed before the 1914 amalgamation.

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