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Nigerians Thank Doctor Involved In RCCG Member’s Suicide, Blasts Police

“My brother good job don’t be discouraged to help your brother because, the day you will need help too, God will raise thousands helpers for you.God saw your mind and withdraw the statement that you will not help again. One love” Apata Sehinde

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Many Nigerians on social media extend their warm thanks and wishes to an Abuja-based medical doctor, Daniel Eitokpah, who was detained after trying to revive a suicide victim, Michael Arowosaiye.

Many Nigerians who described the doctor’s kind gesture as ‘God’s sent’ urged him not to despair in his humanitarian assignment.

They further described the Nigeria police force’s option had arrested and detained Daniel was wrong and unfair judgment.

The doctor earlier narrated how he got involved in the suicide case and how police embarrassed him.

In his words: “There were about 10 of us that actually entered the house to rescue that guy, but most of them left when they heard that the police were coming. So when the DPO got to the scene,  it was just a few of us that were around—me, the man who saw the guy hanging himself and the neighbour, who was like the deceased’s flat mate.

“We explained to the DPO everything that happened, how we heard a guy shouting for help and went there. I explained to him that I thought it was something that had just happened and tried to resuscitate him.

“I explained everything I did to him and his response was, ‘You are a doctor. You should know that you are not meant to tamper with the evidence.’ I tried to explain to him that the information we got was that the guy was in the act; if there was an iota of life in that guy, at least, we should give him a chance.”

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Daniel noted that the DPO, from the moment he appeared on the scene, kept addressing him in a demeaning manner.

He said they were taken to the police station from there; and while at the station, he overheard the DPO tell the Commissioner of Police that three suspects have been arrested in connection to the incident.

“Shortly after, the commissioner of police came in and I heard the DPO telling the CP, ‘We have arrested three suspects.’ I felt that the statement meant a lot. The DPO, the CP, my father, my pastor and church members of the deceased went back to the scene of the suicide.

“God just had it that there were CCTV cameras around the house. There was one directly facing the entrance of the boys’ quarters where the guy had hanged himself. That was our saving grace.

“It showed everything—how the suicide took place. Immediately they saw we were not guilty, they made a call to the police station to prepare for our release,” he said.

In a gathered comments from scannews 24 post, recorded massive reactions from Nigerians condemning Nigeria police.

See comments:
Ayokemi Toye Balogun: This is a lesson for all. Many Nigeria’s that will call and cry for help… Will eventually run away as soon as they hear police. Next time you see such an incident where you know that there’s no CCTV camera pls just walk away. Even accident victims… Hospitals and police stations are wicked and they work hand in hand. They don’t like to save lives

Jo Uche: My brother God is with you, but this country called Nigeria one has to be careful wen helping.

Apata Sehinde: My brother good job don’t be discouraged to help your brother because, the day you will need help too, God will raise thousands helpers for you.God saw your mind and withdraw the statement that you will not help again. One love

Ezeh Chizoba Peter: If this useful idiots that called themselves police men needs an arrest to shine, why not go & arrest as many herdsmen & bandits as they want. This accursed fool always love to kill innocent citizens & branded them whatever they like. My prayers is that those bad eggs there will be dying in a mysterious circumstances. As for d good Doctor, pls continue ur good deeds, maybe that’s why u are still alive today. Every good has it’s rewards no matter what. Remain blessed.

Nnamdi Chiwetalu: Pls make them show us the cctv to view

Opakirite Eferebo: The Police are not magicians so they only investigate to unravel the truth so you don’t blame them all the times for arresting innocent people.
In this case the exhibit of the case was tampered. The hanging wire has been displaced before the arrival of the Police so how do you convince the Police that it was suicide but thanks to CCTV camera that did the needful.

Ernest Emeka Egwuatu: Poor wicked Nigerian police look at their report at the station we arrested about three suspects, my friend God is with you for trying to help a person committing suicide they wanted to involve you in the misery you didn’t know about thank God for the CCTV camera

Steve Steve: CCTV camera was their savings grace, tnk God for that

Sunday Ojih: Many people lost their lives especially accident victims because of such act of arresting innocent people, many people serve jail tense of no offence been committed in Nigeria. Thank God for CCTV cameras if not the innocent people could have sentence to death soon for no offence been committed. It is not easy for Nigeria person to enter heaven!!!

Nworie Anayo Jasper: That is naija police for you…too poor in investigation…imagine if there is no CCTV camera there that is how you will start to answer a case of murder which you don’t know anything about

Many are in different prison and cells for what they don’t know anything about…my advice why helping anybody in strange situations like this be more careful to avoid had i know

Kungu Man: Chaiiiii na so better pikin for take enter wahala wey he know nothing about cctv i thank you oooooooooooooo

Ojogun Ehis: Nigeria police are illiterates na u nor no….Thief thieves, no training dem jst deyy

Abu Shazili Olohunri’aniyan: To help in nigeria is big problem on such issues, fake fake people

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