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Nigerians Jubilate As Suspected Herdsmen Kidnap Buhari’s In-law In Daura

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Nigerians are currently jubilating over report of President Mohammadu Buhari’s ADC’s in-law’s kidnap in Daura, Katsina State.

News Agency of Nigeria, hours ago, reported regrettable kidnap of Buhari’s ADC’s in-law, Musa Umar, the district head of Daura in Katsina state.

The traditional ruler who is the father of Fatima Musa, wife of Colonel Mohammed Abubakar, the Aide de Camp, ADC, to President Muhammadu Buhari, he was a retired customs comptroller.

Reacting to the shocking news, Nigerians took to their social accounts to express joy, adding that the security challenge finally gets to the president’s household.

Amidst security challenges rocking many states in Nigeria, including Zamfara, Kaduna, Benue, Rivers, President Buhari took 10 days trip to United kingdom on a private visit without transmitting power to his deputy.

Replying to the public outcry over the constitutional breach done by Buhari for his trip to UK, his Personal Assistant on Media, Garba Shehu said President buhari can lead from anywhere all over the world.

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“ The President can exercise authority from wherever he is as he is currently doing.

Shehu further explained, saying: “This is a relatively short absence. If you check Section 145 (1) and (2) of the Constitution, you will see that the law is only infringed upon when such absence extends to 21 days.”

Comments on Channels Television’s Facebook post recorded loads of reactions from Nigerians.

See parts of the reactions:

Nda Wisdom Suleiman: Buhari Should be ready coz his ADC Is the next to him

Remi Babatunde: When will buhari sef be kidnap 😎

Deborah Daniel-Ideni: buhari dem for even kidnap..

Makaveli Odum Okechukwu: Masari wants more money…. so he’s doing THIS. An EVIL country and REGION

Malachi Emeribe: it means that buhari is not safe in his home town

Amb Uwem Nathaniel: God Bless Those Smart Gun Men, I Wish They Can All Relocate to Daura.

Haruna Martins: That is just the begining, thank God the meal they cooked is being shared to everyone. Let them enjoy it as well without complain!

Veronica James: They will soon kidnap him too.

Akintayo Adams Adekunle: Thank GOD. Buhari thought he is wise by turning a deaf ear to the security challenges.

Ayo Agala Ayo: Thanks to those kindnapers buhari cant finsh what he have started next level is buhari

Babz Hkn: Only the foolish won’t know this is politics they will make it look like PDP is behind it or opposition parties dem know say Nigerians mumu well well.

Daniel Junior Ikechukwu: Let’s take this one celebrate Barcelona winning before they kidnap facebook

Auwal Moga: PDPs returned their massive kidnapping to recover their monies they have wasted during 2019 campaign, after Nigerians have rejected them at polling unit. but my message to PDPAtiku and Saraki they will never seen the downfall of Buhari’s govt cos its govt for the people by the people and for the people.

Ossy Blessing: Family issue with Next Level government say Baba till 2050

Arinze Strong: 😂😂😂😓 lol where is Buhari’s father ? 😂😂😂 they need him too

Ishaya Apagu: This is rather unfortunate!…the security setup/architecture of this administration is not working but the president keeps believing in it. It’s really really unfortunate!

Eze Clinton: Nwali Nice move, though is family affair

Chidon YD: Scam scam maybe they will sale Nigeria for Ransome fake kidnap

Charles Uzoukwu: Abeg you guys should stop all this drama of kidnapping business. Just to make it sound as if it has affected Bubu relative. Mtchewwww….We all know how far

Austin Emy: This ought to be the home State of Buhari.
If he can’t even protect his people as CnC…
What are we really expecting? …See more

Aweson Jameson: Next level has started be that ooooo….if the father in law of Buhari’s ADC can be kidnapped that means no one is safe oooo

Tiffany Laly Marione: At least they will get a good ransom for this cause the son’s sleep inside the whole country money….

Innocent Harry: My music first before all this political drama in Nigeria, who is deceiving who, please next person

Kinguc Ezera: Let them kidnap buhari’s sisters. That will be next level kidnapping

Yusuf Ibn Angur: If kidnapping and the activities of bokoharam stopped only on the common man and less privilege,they wouldn’t know how painful it is to loose someone close to your heart.
But it do affect them,them definitely they will do their very best to end this

Gift Efenator: Hmmmm. Let’s pray for the kidnapped to come out in peace ook

Uche Orji: Insecurity of the North was made by the Northern elites.

Noble Udo: Buhari want to scam Nigerians with this fake kidnapping strategy.

Kate K Fragranced: All these politicians should start having a taste of what Lear Sharibu is going through.

Odumodu Gbulagu: Next level has just started with Buhari’s Daura!
It’s yet to be official though!
This is just the beginning!…See more

Jhon Tekena Peterson: E remain Buhari wey dem go soon kidnap…
He better act now before it’s too late

Sophia Ogechi: We are still at ‘change’ once we enter next level na Buhari himself them go kidnap

Anthony Onyekwere: This is the kind of news I wanna hear!

Mamven Mamven Emmanuel: These business people shd be retire.
hl #Boko_haram #Kidnapping “The children of the poor you failed to train will never let your children have Peace” – Obafemi Awolowo

Busayo Mayowa Prince Elejogun: Abeg when will dey carry PMB too biko Cos I don’t understand the bearing of this country again😭😭😭#REVOLUTION AT ALL COST

Reuben Ekene Martins: If looters like let them kidnap katsina state governor Buhari must auction their looted properties both in Nigeria and diaspora.

Joel Osaro Aigbogun: Nigeria is not secure at all what!

Rafiu Ayobami: Yes we don’t us to joke with England part we always dismantle them to piece. Up Barcelona oooooooo who is next bring it on

Drei Salt: What a beautiful news.. I hope they can kidnap buhari relative soon..

Benfranklin Onah: It should be a welcomed development.
You can’t eat your cake and still have it.

Joe Brown: I wish they could kidnap Jubril nd he will confess in a video that he is impersonating Buhari 🤣🤣🤣. That will be quick break up of Nigeria

Ugochukwu Gbonoku: OK channels TV just heard about the news I thought you where not aware

Abi King: If it’s true it’s likely to be a planed deal!

Imaga Johnson Chigozirim: This issue is getting out of hand. We need to sit up. Our security cannot handle the security challenges to the country anymore.

Oládélé Ìdòwú Josèph: They will soon kidnap Buhari himself, then you would understand that there is a fire on the mountain.

Gudboy Pam: Northerners know what they’re doing with these kidnaping thing, is a change of plan.

Emeka Sixtus: Oh that’s good news – May God continue to provide for the gun men to kidnap only politicians and leave ordinary us alone

Jaafar Ibrahim: Comando Kidnappers! You suppose to enter Buhari’s family house and abduct who ever you meet. Please incase of next time.

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