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Nigerians Descends On Buhari For Skipping Benue, Condemn Sri Lanka Attack

“President Buhari is now foreign president. He makes policy statements abroad, he is always quick to condole foreign countries” Kano Abba

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Nigerians have landed heavily on President Mohammadu Buhari on his failure to have condemned Benue State Easter Massacre before Sri Lanka.

In a series of social media comments, nigerians descended on President Buhari, adding that he is senseless to attacks ongoing in Nigeria by fulani herdsmen and others.

Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu on Sunday published condolence message to victims of Sri Lanka by President Mohammadu Buhari.

Including Garba Shehu and Channels Television’s Facebook threads recorded firestorm of condemnation:

Amina Monininuola “Has Buhari condemn d killing in Benue this morning”

Jaafar Ibrahim Comando “This man is disgrace to whole Nigerians. Imagine this highest manifestation of madness. Does sri lanka ever condemned Nigeria’s terrorist attack or show any sympathy ?

This is a clear demonstration the man in Aso rock is not real Buhari, surely he’s Jubril from Sudan”.

Abdulkarim Umar “Shame to Buhari and his yusless government”

Isa Muhammed “Ooh my president, God will see us through”

Amara Muoneke “Buhari Will soon vow to bring the perpetrators of sri Lanka into book”

Olaniyan Lawale “Not surprised this Stupidity is expected as usual from lifeless Buhari regime why not stand with Benue people that was massacre on Good Friday?”

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Kunle Dairo “With this morning attack in Benue, has PMB consoled the families of those whose lives were lost in the attack? What a shame”

Collins Obi Praise I “He is seeking relevance when in actual fact the international community regard him as a laughing stock”

Anjorin Robert Olawale “I blame him not but those who dignified his incompetence with a second term”

Shedua Bello “Hmmmm, so quick to condemn killings in other countries and supporting & defending killers in his own country. Shame”

Uthman Muhammad Assalapeey “Indeed! We stand with the victims, terrorism has no religion and boundary. We condemned the perpetrators ! Sai Baba Buhari !!”

Ayo Agala Ayo “Incompetent is buhari problem. Those bandits killing happening in your country deserve no sympathy. Nonsense and foolish jubril from Sudan”

Mallam Usman “yet he never condemned the killings in his own country…..useless president”

Tukur S Tukur “Garba you are creating trouble to Mr President so many people were killed in Nigeria but you are sending Condolence to outsiders ,shame to you Wallahi. this is unfortunate and we can’t use it in our media ,I am sure you are just writing it on you own”

Usman Idrisa “I didn’t see President issued statement when New Zealand attack took place. Am not saying is not good to sympathise with them but is good to have fair play”

Musa Mohammed “But he never say anything on Burna regarding killing of Muslims”

Mukhtar Adam “But if it’s happened in nigeria he mute until Nigerian screaming”

Kano Abba “President Buhari is now foreign president. He makes policy statements abroad, he is always quick to condole foreign countries”

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