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Nigerians blast Nigerian media for failing to report Ethiopia, Guinea referendums

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There has been wide-ranging of fire on social media by some Nigerians condemning the attitude of Nigerian mainstream media too had shunned to report during and after the successful referendum exercise conducted in Ethiopia for the people Sidama and Papua New Guinea for Bougainville.

The wide light off of the Nigerian media has sparked a raging argument, attracting a series of conspiracy theories.

According to reports by the electoral body on Saturday, the referendum which had massive Voter turnout 99.8%, residents of Ethiopia’s Sidama zone voted in favour of a new federal region, with about 98.5% in agreement to autonomous rule.

Guinea, the former German colony could make history if a vote by the Pacific archipelago of Bougainville to secede from Papua New Guinea passes.

The vote for a referendum which started Saturday will see the independence of the autonomous province with 206,000 people emerge as the world’s newest independent nation.

Many Nigerians, who are interested to follow up the votes have reacted negatively, said Nigerian media is biased and playing federal government script.

A Facebook client, Mmiri Nke Udo, took to his timeline to register his anger, said the media failed to report Ethiopian referendum but were quick to cover President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings in far-away America.

Channels TV, NTA, Nation Newspaper, Sun, Vanguard & other 200 gutter media has refused to carry the news of a successful referendum in Ethiopia. The only news they focused on was how President Trump will be impeached and another Obama takes over America. Everything about the zoo, her leadership and supporters is fake and lies. The death of 200 Nigeria will shock all those supporting this evil forest. God bless Biafra.

In similar reactions, others who engaged on conspiracy theory alleged that media skipped the aforementioned reports to frustrate IPOB’s call for a referendum from Nigerian.

Meanwhile, the IPOB leader has promised to diagnose the Ethiopian referendum tonight on Radio Biafra.

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