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Nigerian man spotted eating Fufu with Water 

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A Nigerian Man referred to Victor, spotted by a philanthropist using ordinary water to eat ‘Fufu’, Scannews24 gathered.

The man who was rescued by the good Nigerian said he hailed from Osun state and has been serving with the same food combination for a very long time.

According to the obtained viral video, the man who could not give an account of his family told that he has no shelter and sleeps outside, at a particular spot he was spotted.

Victor, who was seen with a handful of ‘Fufu’ smiled again after receiving five thousand (#5,000) from the good Samaritan, who also promised to revisit him days later.

This is coming two weeks after a few men referred to as ‘Agboro’ in viral photos eating disposed food by the vendor.

According to reports, the mobile food vendor, who apparently sales early in the morning, was rushing mistakenly the food fell off.

Surprisingly, the woman met three men eating from the food on the floor after she arrived with a broom to sweep it off.

Presently, global poverty index shows that 40% of Nigerians lives below poverty line which mounts to 83,000 of the population mainly from the Northern part of the country.



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