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Nigeria To Suffer From Northern  Illiterate Lawmakers  – Rochas

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Rochas Okorocha, the immediate past governor of Imo state and senator representing the Olu senatorial district has expressed worries over poor standard of education in the Northern part of Nigeria.

He expressed fear that in a few years to come many lawmakers may find it difficult to interact or communicate using the English language.

The Lawmaker remarked at the red chamber.

The senator has been outspoken since leaving office as governor.

In a separate statement, the former governor demanded to know what actually has gone bad with Nigeria, contended painfully on the floor of the National Assembly.

While venting his sentiment, pleaded to understand what, really is the problem of Nigeria, why the country remains the same following unabated security challenges reeling major parts of the country.

He rhetorically queries why is there so much starvation in the land, noting that countries Nigeria assisted in the past have surpassed economically and otherwise including Malaysian.

He revealed Nigeria has turned out a laughing stock before other minor nations warned political leaders to provide economic policy ahead to achieve great goals.

Nigeria may soon start having illiterate lawmakers if… – OkorochaSee more: more updates:

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