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Nigeria Police Officer Spotted With POS Taking Money From Motorists (watch)

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Certain Police officers believed Nigeria personnel reportedly spotted with Point Of Sale (POS) machine on duty possibly used to receive money from motorists and passengers.

The sad but Strange video footage in circulation retrieved from social media by SCANNEWS 24 showed a police officer allegedly holding POS machine which appears to had allowed him to get money from some motorists and passengers who may not be present with physical cash.

The transaction, according to the circulated video, caused a brief clash between the policeman whose name is yet to be ascertained and passenger who protested not to hand over his Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card.

According to the passenger, who was overhead speaking an unofficial language, said: “I no go give you my ATM card, I have never seen where police officer dey collect ATM from passengers.

Passersby and other affected passengers were standing in anticipation to see what will be the end why a brave Nigeria slightly video the incident.

Until the time of bringing up this report, the name of affected passengers, name of a police officer(s) involved, location of incident and number plate of vehicles affected not ascertained.

See Video:

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