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Nigeria is a land with Generals without war, oppressed without worries … Lawyer (full text) 

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Viral video of Nigeria Bar Association members being entertained with a heartwarming speech, which left many speechless and dumbfounded had kept Nigerians talking.

The speaker, quoting a Daily Manners of April-June 2019 Edition, page 3, tagged ‘the pitiable situation of Nigeria’ said Nigeria, it is a land of Generals with war, processors without discovery, politicians without ideology, wealth without prosperity, religion without pithy, leaders without vision, the oppressed without worries, court without justice.

He continued criminals without fears, histories without glory, heroes without honour, schools without learning, artists without theatre, intellectuals without thoughts, terrorists without identity, appointees without life, hunger without famine, change without progress.

Next level without foundation, democracy without citizen, unity without love, Heroes without sacrifice, policies without plans, clients without corporates, saints without humility, integrity without performance, wars without enemies, billionaires without business, Youths without pins, elders without wisdom, electricity bills without power,

The speaker, who added his version of Nigerian’s definition (judiciary without independence), said it is in a time when there is freedom of speech on paper but not same at the end of the speech.

Emphasising more, he said there is freedom when you want to speak in Nigeria but same freedom is not guaranteed after making your speech, noting that something else will happen and that is the time we are in.

He said when you make press statement, it may land you in prison, argued a country’s judiciary will deliver justice in time like this, when one says A, he/she probably means B, when say left wean right, when we say is equality before the law but some people are more equal than others.

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