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Network Connectivity: NCC’s falsehood uncovered

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Opposite to the stance delivered by Ubale Maska, the Commissioner for Technical Services of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC that Nigeria doesn’t have the sufficient 2G and 3G range to allow the dispatch of election outcomes electronically,  a fact check by AIT indicates it to be wrong and false.

Expressing before the House of Representatives on Friday as the legislators deliberated the section on electronic transmission of results, Maska informed the House that only 50.3 percent of the over 190, 000 polling units throughout the nation are covered by 2G and 3G networks based mostly on network protection evaluation carried out in 2018.

He additionally stated that 49.7 percent of the nation is without network protection.

However, information from the Nigerian National Broadband Plan 2020-2025 put out by the NCC reveals figures completely different from what the NCC Commissioner informed the House of Representatives.

In keeping with the NCC report, as of the fourth quarter of 2019, 2G nationwide coverage stands at 89%, 3G at 74%, and 4G at 37%.

Within the report, the NCC went additional to project that the expansion will proceed primarily based on “the country’s strong demographics and increased broadband penetration”

Young Nigerians have since fumed at the outcome of the debate. A greater number believe APC led government wants to retain the same manual process in view to manipulate 2023 elections.


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