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NEPA official beaten to stupor by an aggrieved mother during light inspection

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Nigeria is one country where electricity has been a challenge despite huge sum budgeted through past and present administrations.

The viral video has shown NEPA officials engaged in a physical fight with their customers following light instability.

In the 50 seconds video footage, which did not cover what primarily transpired before outbursting turned basketball player with the light officials.

The light user, who appeared emotional and irritated could not hold her anger as the light inspectors insisted to disconnect her supply point.

Despite being a mother, waged the disconnection, she keeps threatening, fighting even as her husband struggles to calm her.

Yet in another video, unidentified youths used a machete to disperse officials trying to disconnect probably indebted to the company.

As unimaginable it appeared, the workers risked their lives in making sure light users pay up their bills.

Cases as such could be avoided if private companies in charge of power distribution will make available prepaid meters to consumers

Other developing countries like Nigeria are in use of similar technology amidst limited revenue.


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