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Native Doctor Revived Kid Used For Ritual On Gunpoint (Watch)

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The desperation of ritualists in Nigeria seems to be at an increase following a terrible experience of a native doctor who was forced on gunpoint to bring back the life of a victim said to have been used for a ritual.

Following a gathered report by a Facebook client, Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi sometime in June previous year noted that the ritualist had kidnapped an underaged girl for his ritual purpose.

Unfortunately to him, a certain man who spotted his unusual activity followed him from behind to a shrine. On the point of using the young girl, police invaded the scene.

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Visual footage shows the moment the native doctor did a series of incantations to revive the victim.

Ikpoenyi, who did not mention the location of the incident in the Northern states, stated: This man is a ritualist. He kidnapped this young girl for rituals.

“Unfortunately for him, someone saw him and followed him. On the point of killing the girl, the police arrived. He was forced at gunpoint to revive her.  Video




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