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NASS: Whither Ndigbo In National Politics?

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By Uche Nworah

With the election of the Senate President and his Deputy, the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and His Deputy, and the swearing in on May 29, 2019 of the President and his Vice, it’s now obvious that Ndigbo no longer count in national politics. This may take generations to heal unless we go back to the drawing board.

How did we even arrive at this sad situation and how do we get back into the mainstream?

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Our age old mantra ‘Igwebuike’ may serve us. The mantra of ‘Njikoka’ also will be useful. We have to also look at the politics of the North and West, now the dominant political forces in the country, what can we learn from them?

Who are our leaders that can lead the charge?

If Ndigbo can start now to plan, strategize and reposition, then it may be possible to salvage what we will lose over the next 4 years not being part of ‘inner inner’ national political decision making

Taa bu gbo!

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