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NAFDAC advises to avoid consumption of some frozen food, (See list) 

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The commission in charge of food and drink wellbeing in Nigeria, had on Monday while addressing newsmen said advised residents in the country to avoid consumption of some foods.

NAFDAC listed frozen poultry products and other food items preserved with formalin.

In his explanation, Dr. Abubakar Jimoh, the Commission’s spokesperson noted that Formalin is a poisonous chemical generally utilized to preserve corpses in the mortuary

Dr. Jimoh revealed to journalists that corrupt business people had been making use of the aforesaid chemical to conserve, especially chicken, turkey, and other poultry products.

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NAFDAC further warned that Formalin can preserve such commodities for weeks before getting into the hands of final buyers.

Partially, the statement read: “NAFDAC is alerting Nigerians about this practice. There are enough poultry products in the country than to resort to frozen chicken smuggled in, in spite of Nigerian government’s ban,’’ he said.

He additionally alerted customers on the economic importance of patronizing sellers who import ban poultry products into Nigeria. Advising that homebased poultry farmers and marketers would not succeed as expected. The money expended on smuggled goods would only go to originators of the products.

The commission said that the patronizing the illegaly puchased products would also continue to affect foreign exchange reserves.

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