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“My Secrets Of Learning Igbo, Different Methods” Onyibo Woman Discloses

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It could be interesting to know that some foreigners probably married to Nigerian men or women are learning to fluently speak the Igbo dialect in view to enhance their communication prowess within and outside the family.

A Facebook blogger, identified as Nwanyiocha has disclosed secrets and methods that enabled her to grab the Igbo Language easily.

In her latest shared video message, the US-based lady who is married to Igbo man said though she has failed many times consistency has been a watchword.

According to her, Igbo seems to be a difficult language to him and as well to many other people but self-determination can help one through it.

She acknowledged that there is no secret as people perceived, encouraged her followers not to give up getting through Igbo lines, because she is still learning in the past twelve years.

In her linguistic pursuit and experience, the Igbo language has been rough compare to when she learned Spanish, French, and Italian languages.

One of the methods she used was Igbo song lyrics, by writing down lyrics of those ones she loves and memorize the words gradually, sings and mimics a long while it plays.

She also used internet sourcing, writing the English language, and getting the pronunciation from a translated audio but founds it difficult to remember the meaning after writing them down.

Nwanyiocha said she found way out after discovering an Igbo Kids Dictionary, which has compact imagery and new word stored for children.

She, however, acknowledged that there some level of bias in the language of Igbos, nothing that most of the wording contradicts each other in terms of homophones.

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