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Mr. Ibu, Wife Engages In Public Show, Fight Dirty (Video)

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The Nigerian entertainment industry has chosen to entertain the public, at the moment election fever is in town, and electors cry over money and fuel scarcity, but in a family reality spot.

A received clip has indicated a seasoned actor, Mr. Ibu Okeafor, and his wife has engaged in a physical disagreement.

According to the woman, she and the children have been sidelined by the comic actor for several months without caring to know how they shelter or feed.

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Mrs. Stella Maris went on to disclose that the building where they sheltered leaked and had no money to feed while Mr. Ibu eloped with an unknown lady.

The side of the story from the husband is yet to be obtained, hence people close to the family note Mrs. Stella has not been friendly to the husband even when je was admitted in a hospital.

An adopted daughter of Ibu is alleged to have forced him out of the troubled home for a secure environment.

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