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Moment Nigerian Made History Rode To Lagos From London (Video)

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A galore of jubilation across states in Nigeria following a historical event of Nigerian-born Biker, Mr. Kunle Adeyanju touched down in Lagos State from the United Kingdom.

What appeared a difficult task both in thought and practice was flagged off in London weeks back (Mid-April) by the African-born power biker, Mr. Kunle to ride on the road despite road challenges and seas to Nigeria.

According to him, it was targeted to raise N20m styled ‘Charity Fund’ to eradicate poliovirus.

The 39 days rides via over sixteen (16) routes, cutting from London through  France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco,  and Western Sahara.

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Other leading links includes Mauritania, St Louis, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin to Lagos. 

A brief statement during the early ride noted: “Day one of the Charity Ride involves riding from London to Dover, where I went on a ferry to cross the English Channel to Calais, France

He continued, said the journey existed via “Bourges, France, my stop point for the day,”

Meanwhile, some Nigerians who have been hit by economic hardship in the country have requested to get a concise route map of how Mr. Kunle also known as ‘Lionheart’ succeeded in breaking the Guinness Record to enable them to ride to London.

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