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Moment man beats up his physically challenged mother in Anambra (video)

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A major family crisis could be track d to frustration and maybe the absence of adequate resources to cover needs posed to the family hence, beating a mother is what could be frustrating to understand the cause.

Viral footage has displayed a certain young man in Anambra State state seriously inflicted pains on the biological mother after a terrible beat.

The obtained but irritating video has stirred a lot of controversy among social birds digging to know why a mother who suffered for nine months of the boy’s birth could bear as seen.

The sighted clip by #Scannews24 shows how the young man who may be described as ‘mentally challenged’ used objects, including sticks, on the physically disadvantaged woman, kicked her severely within abdomen while passersby and neighborhood struggled to stop him.

Whatever may be the reason, we, totally condemn the act and call for the arrest and total rehabilitation of the man by appropriate authorities in the state.

However, different scenes indicated a relief following recurring treatment brought upon the ‘mother beater’ by the community vigilante.

The internal security men apprehended the young man, tied him up on a tree, and lashed him cane severally as he pleads guilty.

Nigeria has become a hub of unfolding ugly events due to hardship, hunger, frustration, unemployment, loss of job, and all round societal challenges caused by poor leadership and greedy leaders.


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