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Military keeps mum as leaked video shows Unknown Gunmen Burn Armored vehicle (Watch)

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A surfaced video made available to #Scannews24 indicates the moment armored personnel supposedly belong to the Nigerian military caught up in flames.

It was reported on Thursday series of gun duals witnessed in Imo state majorly around Orlu and the capital city between the rampaging unknown armed men and personal of the Nigeria army.

We brought to you earlier reports of surfaced footages indicting the Unknown Gunmen engaged security operatives in exchange in unverified locations in Orlu and Owerri.

The yet-to-be verified armed men, dressed in black top and trousers with a white scarf, and white Hilux, accosted the uniform men in a junction, ceased a black Jeep while residents and passersby maintain their business.

In another location appeared to be Orlu, the black-dressed gunmen, appearing fearless, stepped down from their vehicle and engaged military men in a gun battle for hours.

However, footage in circulation shows an armored vehicle set on fire and watched razed beyond recognition. Nigeria’s military is yet to clarify the general public on the incident.

In a separate report, eight hoodlums said to have been killed in fierce gunfire yesterday and four vehicles, including Sianna, Jeep, said to have been recovered the criminal.

The insecurity problem in the Southern region is turning to war and neither the state governors and federal government is shifting ground for dialogue.

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