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Meet Couple That Work Together As A Bus Driver And Conductor 

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Husband and wife that works together, dwell together? This may simply be the case for these Tanzanian partners who labor together as a bus driver and conductor.

The pair Athuman Hatibu and Witness Mushi went viral on news headlines after it was found that they’ve been laboring together for 5 years.

Witness, who is a graduate of mass communication, stops her job to assist her husband after a number of complaints from her husband about inefficient conductors.

In a talk with The Citizen, Witness stated:

“It was not an easy decision to make because I led a different lifestyle before starting out as a bus conductor. My husband had a lot of complaints about the earlier conductors who worked with him and most of the complaints were about little fares collected at the end of the day. I then told him to give me a day to study and identify all the bus stations and fares along the route so he could afterward decide if we could work together.”

Athuman swears by his wife’s effectivity as he started to note a difference in the proceeds when she took over as against the last conductors he worked with.

Presenting the current instance when Witness had traveled and he employed his younger brother as a conductor, Athuman attested, “working alongside my brother proved my point that no other person has ever reached the collection target my wife hits when she’s on duty.”

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On how they handle their work-life stability, they disclosed that they get up by 3 am and hit the highway by 4 am. Struggle stops for them at 11 pm after making 20 trips.

At the end of every journey, they’ve a debriefing where Witness tells him of any events and tips from male passengers.

Contemplating they’re out for a lot of the day, they’ve two children in boarding school and the 2 others stay with their grandparents. To make sure their private life doesn’t intrude with work, the couple made a pact to by no means let the situation at the home interfere with the work setting.

Working collectively as a pair comes with its fair proportion of challenges, which encompasses passengers flirting with Witness, nor discovering she is married to the driver.

“There are other times people strategy me with different motives without the knowledge that the bus driver is my husband, and at times, it’s literally the opposite. Typically passengers decline giving full amounts of bus fares once they reach their respective destinations,” Witness said.

There may be also the case of rudeness and verbal abuse that passengers hurl Witness’ way. In response to Athuman, he’s hurt by this however prefers to concentrate on the road.

The mates are confident that they’d purchase their own bus and even have projects of bringing up their first son into the transport business.

“The bus we’re planning to buy will be coordinated by us and our son. He’s currently upgrading his driving license,” he mentioned.


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