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Media at the rescuing end says BismileTV Boss

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Unarguably, the 2023 general election has exposed a lot of lapses on the side of media agents, revealing how reluctant, compromised, and lazy some media personnel can better be referred to on their attitude towards relevant content.

Notably in this regard is the attitude towards documentation of major political candidates at the presidential level. Major Media icons appear to be missing when the poor masses needed their expertise in helping the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC scrutinizes and unravels or unearth buried data or information about intending office holders or aspirants.

A classical case that comes to mind is lingering issues that linked one of the presidential contestants to a drug deal, including the poor provision of basic data. A case where a particular figure failed to provide primary and secondary schools attended. A questionable tertiary education certificate.

The same candidate also has a wrong age presentation and health statement.

Constitution and electoral acts guide the media agents to swing in in such uncertain profiling by stepping a bit further to investigate forensically the true state of the disturbing issues.

Nigeria appears to be a state where all standards are lowered at all levels may be due to corruption or compromise at the end of media agents.

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Speaking to Scanned News via Alajekwu Virginus, was a media personality, and renowned blogger, Bismark Obilo Agubor popularly known by his handles, BismileTV, urged Nigerians with national media firms to stand firmly against decadence ravaging the hope of the common man.

In his words: “Media supposed to be at the rescuing end but it is quite unfortunate no reputation is ever preserved and reserved for the industry. Corruption, compromise, and the money-for-content syndrome is quickly destroying the media house cum the country.

“When I was growing up, Nigeria’s National Television was a stand-out organization to emulate, going by how Cyril and many other personnel always package their news mostly a programme ‘Sunday Tonic’. My love for mass communication was overboard.

“Investigative journalism has gone, dead and buried. Respect to the young rising journalists, David Hundayin, Rufai, and others who are standing in the gap to make sure the media sector is rescued.

“At some point, I would say desperation, intimidation, and fear have cost a lot. Hence, the government is at the red line on Press Freedom, and the Vulnerability of Journalists in the field. These have deeply caused harm to the country and need quick intervention.

“I call on all faithful media personnel at all ends, including bloggers, and influencers to rise and rescue the system. If we go to sleep the dubious and wicked politicians will take long-term advantage and pose more danger to the coming generations.

“The time to rescue and sanitize the system is now and all hands must be on the desk. A political office should be by merit and not amount of wrongly acquired wealth or stolen funds. Technocrats need to take over the political stage so that the giant of Africa can bounce to compete with other economically balanced nations, Bismark Obilo Agubor added.

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