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Mbaka makes U-turn, rain curses on Buhari, Uzodinma, SE leaders (Video)

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Rev Father Ejike Mbaka finally has retraced, withdrawn support for President Mohammadu Buhari, Hope Uzodinma lashed heavily on them.

A sighted video by Scannews24 showed the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu condemns the killing of ESN Commander, Ikonso and other Igbo youths.

Mbaka fumed at the action of the Imo State Governor, Uzodinma despite swearing before the alter to protect the life of Imolites.

He said organized the killing of Imo people and would not be quiet.

He said God is angry for Nigerian leaders to have allowed the citizens to suffer for what to eat amidst abundant resources.

“God is angry with our leaders, from Buhari to the last, God’s anger is upon you. You have failed God.

“How can you upon your mouth like what Hope Uzodinma is doing in Imo State? Somebody who came here and put his hand at this alter and swore he will protect Imolites? And he’s organizing the same killing of Imo and you want me to keep quiet until the blood of my brother is being shared? Never.

“And whoever will support that will suffer. How can? The military, the Navy, the DSS, how is it difficult for you to arrest one person? What if the person is innocent of what you accused of?

“You killed Ikonso and you’re parading his body all over as you killed something, come and kill poverty.

“Come and poverty for us. Kill unemployment for us. Kill insecurity for us. You know how to kill, wicked people.

“No. God’s anger is on.

“As soon as possible, we give the whole governor’s mandate to begin to tell us the plans they have to give the whole youths job within a minimum time before it is too late.

“I don’t belong to any human cult, please don’t misunderstand me. This is the Holy Trinity – God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit is a cult then I belong there.

Recall, Mbaka in the past has supported the presidential and governorship ambitions of President Buhari and Governor Hope assured Nigerians and Imo indigenes of change.

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