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Man recounts surviving sporadic gunshots targeted at him by soldiers in Abuja

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A Facebook client, Ted Anyanwuogwugwu, has cried out on how he survived a series of sporadic gunfire targeted at him by the Nigerian army personnel.

The post, shared yesterday which tagged one Ben Anyanwu and 14 others recounted that the ugly incident transpired in Nigeria’s Abuja.

Anyanwuogwugwu’s post has series of bullet dented images of a vehicle, clarified that it was not inflicted by armed men nor kidnappers but the officers of the Nigerian army during his encounter with them at Dutse Alhaji Abuja traffic.

Expressing induced pains, the victim noted that the soldiers virtually have diverted their energy from dealing with external aggression against Nigeria now resorts to advertising their strength on innocent and unarmed civilians.

Specifying further, the dumbfounded Nigerian pointed out that the holes seen on the attached images were shot by people referred to as “over zealous army personnel” with a 3-star General.

He said they probably felt the Nigerian is not created for the use of common citizens but only for them to drive pass. They were all trapped in the ceased path and their boss vehicle and other followed convoy made it through yet they decided to waste his life.

Graced abound Anyanwuogwugwu regretted that the country has turned a lawless one thanking God for preserving his life, “To God be the Glory am safe”.

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Опубликовано Ted Anyanwuogwugwu Четверг, 10 сентября 2020 г.

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