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Man recounts ordeal on how he, motorists survived soldiers’ unprovoked shooting in Imo

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Man has revealed how a number of uniform men suspected to be forces of the Nigerian military, in an unprovoked shooting, sporadically rained bullets on innocent motorists, passengers, and residents of Owerri.

In an over two minute revealing clip made available to #Scannews24 on Saturday evening shows an aged man at his early sixty narrates the unfortunate incident.

The man, Mr. Obu Nworu, said encountered a team of troops within the South-Africa axis of Imo State Polytechnic, around 5 PM, he drove with his Truck, fully loaded with ‘dust’.

On meeting the soldiers while going, he settled them with five hundred (Bribe) for a pass and drove off.

On returning, in the company of some labourers he was carrying on his truck, he planned to drop them off suddenly, two private cars were ahead of him, on sighting them soldiers started firing sporadically towards them.

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Considering the magnitude of the incident, he decided not to stop and continued driving amid raining bullets. Unfortunately, several bullets pierced through the car interiors and touched him and other passengers.

According to Nworu, he had the ugly experience on 28 May 2021 at Imo Polytechnic Junction. Said his vehicle was damaged with bullets.

He hails from Isiala Ngwa South but residence in Nnaze, Owerri.

Other road users are advised to be vigilant on plying the roads. Security personnel are deployed in major strategic areas and may fire at any time due to heightened and tensed safety issues in the state.

Avoid night movement and overloading of Passengers. Adhere to calls when flagged down by cops or other safety agents. Don’t ignore or terrify before them. Respond accordingly and drive responsibly.


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