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Man pleads for his life as drug lords gave 10th July to pay money or face death (watch video)

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Social media goes off in flame as a Shocking video of a suspected drug trafficking ring issues an ultimatum to a man to present a ransom or risk his life.

The yet to be clarified incident shows a man at his early 50 years pleading to either his family or fellow drug dealers to present a certain amount of money before the 10th of July or he will be killed.

In what appeared to be Pakistan, shows several armed men with AK47 wearing shalwar kameez, a notable Pakistanis dress worn with trousers.

The armed suspected drug runners, could not disclose their faces even as they torture their hostage, shot twice beside him, speaking in Urdu, Pakistani national official language “tell your brother”.

The Young man, who also appears to be African, could not hold on seconds to chorus through their demand, as they take a video record of him.

He was hurriedly responding thus “brother, if you do not pay by 10th of July I will be dead, I will not survive it.

“If you do not pay by the 10th of July they will kill me (he screams lowering his head to earth they press a hard gun on him, pointing through his mouth).

Repeatedly, he keeps making the same statement in view to impress his oppressors “I swear, they will kill by the tenth of July you do not pay.

“I’m serious about this my brother, if you do not pay by 10th of July you will see they will kill (he spoke apprehensively terrifying on the floor struggling to hold on to courage).

To some point, he decided to be submitting out his statement like a warning “try not to pay, you kill me, they will kill me. (Immediately, they release a shot close to his ear but he continued uttering ‘warning-like-threats’.


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