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Man halt Floyd’s protest, campaign for Biafra freedom as many are being killed (video)

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An unidentified man was spotted in viral video footage sent to SCANNEWS24 i-Report desk clamouring for the restoration of Biafra.

Many sympathizers have staged protests in different parts of the world including the United States, South Africa, and Nigeria calling for justice after four Minneapolis-based police officers killed a black, George Floyd.

Death of Floyd triggers global call to protect blacks both on social media with hashtag #Black live matters, #Alllivematters, #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd and so forth.

In one of the ongoing protests, a yet to ve identified man halted a protest stole attention to call Biafra freedom.

In his speech: “I want you to know about what is going on in Nigeria today.

Just like the guy died in the US every day in Nigeria we lost lives and they don’t wanna talk about it.

I’m a Nigerian by birth. I’m a false Nigerian. It is either I don’t wanna be a Nigerian…

You, me, who are born of the 80s may have seen or heard about people of Biafra. The people of Southern Nigeria who lost over five million kids and the world remains quiet up till today.

After the Jewish Genocide, the Jewish lost six million people and the world talks about it till today. And we lost 5 million people and the world went on as normal.

I still tell you till today we still lose our lives in that contraption called Nigeria, the British created it.

Just as we gathered here today to talk about the guy who died from the US I still want you guys to lend your voice to your government so they can hear us and feel our pains and know that we die every day in Africa.

So as the people of South Sudan got their independence, I urge the world to look, to see, and talk about Biafra today”

meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu has expressed bitterness that the majority of Africans, mainly Nigerians are protesting against the death of George Floyd but could not extend the same to the daily loss of lives in their country.

Kanu condemned the ugly death of Floyd but described as hypocritical the character of Nigerians for ignoring the continued killing of innocent citizens by bandits in Northern Nigeria and down Southern region.

Speaking during Radio Biafra broadcast yesterday evening Kanu blasts Federal Government for calling the International Community to disregard his call to protect Christians.

He refutes Garba Shehu’s insinuation that he is a Jewish and fighting for the only restoration of Biafra instead of all Nigerians.

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