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Man caught poisoning friend’s drink, forced to take a sip (Video)

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The desperation at which Nigerians are attributing to daily situations is getting out of control. An emanated clip has disclosed the moment a certain man was apprehended for allegedly poisoning a soft drink of his friend.

In what appears to be an eatery, the aforementioned friend had gone to use the restroom and permitted his close friend to watch over the Coca-Cola beverage.

Unknown to him, people around were focused and caught him inserting a substance into the soft drink.

After much argument, the aforesaid man, at his late thirty, was charged to take a sip of the drink but he declined.

However, this has since caused a divide since there is no presented visual aid to attest to the claim.

@DinoDayo, who tweeted visual clips of the incident earlier advised the public to be mindful of who they leave their drinks with described it as wickedness.

Recall, a similar incident was recorded months ago in a party event where a friend pretentiously drop an unknown substance into a plastic cup a friend was drinking alcohol from.

The targeted person who appeared drunk was busy dancing when the unknown individual dropped the poisonous substance. Watch

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