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Man caught on tape begging his wife’s sister for s3x in exchange for an iPhone (watch)

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In a clip uploaded by an online tabloid, Yabaleft has indicated a man who was caught on tape begging his wife’s sister to have quickie s3x with him in a bathroom in return for an iPhone.

The two minutes video which apparently could be recorded by a close family member hiding in the ceiling displayed the man being dragged by his sister-in-law into the bathroom and quickly pulling off his white shirt to expose his bare chest before stepping down his knees.

On turning down his request, the young man appeared to be under undisclosed hormone-related pressure went down on his knees and began to beg her for a chance.

Immediately he realized continued resistance to his demand, he then reported to incentive and promised to get her a particular iPhone she has been wishing to own in exchange.

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Amid all the pressure and incentive the young lady kept to her decision not to let him in. The footage shows a near change of mind by the lady while noting that she does not want to hurt her sister.

In a different report, a Ukrainian woman who recently touched down in Nigeria disclosed a shocking view she share on social media, highlighting some of the things that irked her during her visit to the African country.

Letting out her observation in a viral clip, the lady noted there’s too much noise in the country and that people are not well organized.

She further recounted how people she met tried to exploit her, adding that people in Nigeria just want to collect money from people on the road.

Also pointedly mentioned was that the cows she saw were scrawny and poorly nourished and spotted a lizard in the hotel room, where she lodged during her visit. Watch

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