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Man captured poisoning friend’s drink during party (Video)

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Sketchy video displaying moment friends suspiciously dropped poisonous substance into a drink surface on social media, triggers concern.

The partying jolly men believed to be friends were captured, one appearing drunk or better still, careless over a drink he was holding, was slipped into.

Tracing closely, the victim suffered eye pains indicating something harmful was sprayed into his eyes targeted to distract him, while he struggles to regain clear sight the drink he was holding in his right hand was already laced.

At the time of filing this report as retrieved, the health condition of the man or medical report was not obtained.

We trust he survives from the ugly but regrettable situation inflicted by fellow men.

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This goes to put everyone at alert in moments as such, no matter how close or friendly one appears to be.

In a different report, a man who lodged into a hotel has shared bitter concern after he found series of spying cameras.

The young man who has threatened to sue the Hotel management said to have Lodged in the hotel with his family quite a number of days before discovering the devices.

The sighted clip showed the man deactivate the cameras from a split air-condition machine and other close edges.

However, this has since prompted a debate amongst Nigerians if the privacy of customers is of utmost consideration or their security regarding recorded criminal activities concealed or carrying out in hotels.

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