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Last Great Ministration of Prince Chinedu Nwadike in 2022 (Video)

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The shocking death of Chinedu Nwadike may have turned the trend daily but his legacies remain a source of happiness to several individuals who love gospel music, Nigerian drama, and even social activities.

Before his demise, Chinedu was opportuned to drop one more of his soundbites for his fans across the globe.

He is known for various talents since he got married on 14th August 2012, to Mrs. Sorochi Dora.

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The talented Gospel singer, Nigerian Evangelist, Nollywood actor, and politician was announced dead on 27 March 2017 after suffering a Blood Cancer despite being pronounced free from the illness for a few days.

The Igboborn vocalist died at age of 38 after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Since his death, most of his songs start attracting viewers, particularly in his last live concert made available online sometime in January 2022.


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