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Lady shares how God spared her and kid from speeding ceiling fan that fell on them

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A lady has shared how God saved her and her little Kid, Divine, from a speeding ceiling fan that almost killed them in the house.

According to the woman whose name was made anonymous, after NEPA on electricity light, she decided to take a nap with her son.

She promptly Visited the bathroom for convenience, as she returned, noticed the fan was speeding high and decided to reduce it to number 2.

After settling with her son who needed a cellphone to play a game, she excused him to sleep on the floor.

Immediately she could lay down the fan ripped off and fell on her, and left a severe cut on her face.

However, his son was not hurt and nothing in the house was affected as the fan landed in parts on the floor.

She implores the general public to enjoin her to thank God for sparing her life and the child.

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