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Lady marries irresistible Uber driver proposed to on the first day he drove her.    

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Shoot your shot before it is too late! A lady has recounted how her bravery to convey her feelings to a good-looking Uber driver on the first day she patronized him has stemmed in a contented marriage with a bouncing baby boy.

The gorgeous woman who referred herself ‘Energy Vibration’ on Instagram whose identity speaks volumes stated that her now-husband pulled up after she and her buddies requested an Uber to take them to one of their favorite spots in Washington DC.

As destiny would have it, she happened to sit down at the entrance while her two friends occupied the back seats.

‘Vibration’ said that she got fascinated when she swiveled her face and noticed the gorgeous gentleman within the driver’s seat.

Well, to make hay while the sun shines, she instantly requested him whether he had a girlfriend to which the cape driver replied “no”.

Without reluctance, she followed up “would you like one?” to which the attractive driver “flashes a handsome grin, laughing a bit at my audacity, we chat about music and such and he drops me and my pals off”.

In accordance with Energy Vibration, the Uber driver accepted her contact details when he was about to go away and reached out to her week later, and that was the start of their friendship.

They moved in together 12 months later, got engaged six months after moving in, and wedded four months after the engagement.

The story has reached many individuals on social media with some felicitate the partners while others categorical shock at their approach of meeting.

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