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Kayamo justifies daily killing of innocent Nigerians, says it’s a global phenomenon

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President Buhari’s led administration continues to justify the killing of innocent Nigerians on daily basis by armed Herdsmen and marauding unknown gunmen in the southeast.

Reacting earlier on Friday, Festus Keyamo who is the Minister of State for Labour and Employment compared with the open sporadic shooting recorded in the US city of Indianapolis on Thursday

The ugly but regrettable incident affected Eight people slain by the gunman at a FedEx Ground facility taking up his own life immediately.

The Senior Advocate, Keyamo bemoaned the rising number of shootings happening in the US, noting that insecurity is a global phenomenon.

The minister however called on Nigerians to shun encouraging increasing ethnic and political coloration of her state of insecurity.

In his words: “Yet, another mass shooting in the USA today. The statistics in the US are staggering. However, it’s no excuse for our state of insecurity & it is immoral for us to compare & say ours is even lesser.

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But we should stop ethnicizing & politicizing what is clearly, a global phenomenon,” he aired on Twitter.

His shared thought ignited a backlash. A handle, @Agezoid quarries why Nigeria fails to compare the country with good light in other countries than bad ones.

“Bad things happen overseas and you guys are quick to compare saying it’s not only in Nigeria. Where you dey when the U.S. government announce their covid stimulus package? What about the good governance there or is that one not a global phenomenal too?”

Another Twitter client, @chief_moze disagreed with the SAN, said defaulters and criminals in other climes are arrested and punished compare to how politicians in Nigeria pardon and rehabilitate them and left victims behind.

“Dear Hon. Minister @fkeyamo the mass shooters in America are always identified and prosecuted accordingly. But in our clime under your govt, they are always unknown and often pardoned and rehabilitated, while the victims are left unattended at emergency IDPs.”

Others posited that the US is facing control issues but a minister uses it to justify terrorist activities ongoing across Nigerian states and pampered political leaders.

“US is having problems with their guns that no other western nation is facing. But our minister is using it to justify terrorist activities largely perpetrated by a section of the country and pampered by their political class.” @Gbemiro noted.

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