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Kanu, Kayode blasts Tinubu over “not to destroy Nigeria” statement

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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reacted to statement credited to former Lagos state governor, Ahmed Tinubu regarding the coexistence of Nigeria.

The APC leader, Tinubu was quoted to had urged Nigerians not to initiate what would destroy Nigeria, noting it was built by the founding fathers for Nigerians.

”Our founding fathers built Nigeria for us, we must not destroy it”- Tinubu

Reacting on his social media, both Facebook and Twitter, Nnamdi Kanu berated Tinubu’s position on the present state of Nigeria said “you got it wrong”

Kanu said the Supposed Nigeria the Founding Father built was raised on the base of Regional Autonomy, supposedly which is the reverse of what has seen today “Our founding fathers built a Nigeria of regional AUTONOMY”.

He further asserted that Nigeria of today is dead, and reduced to ‘Zoo’, noting that the country is now condoning evil “Nigeria is DEAD & replaced by a #Zoo that condones EVIL”

Kanu, however, rejected to be part of present Nigeria “If that’s your Nigeria, it’s not our Nigeria”.

On his part, the former aviation minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, shared the same view with Kanu, said the Nigeria of the founding fathers has died.

The PDP stalwart maintained that the nation of the then Fathers was built on the foundation of Regional Autonomy noting that today’s Nigeria is dysfunctional because the foundation has been destroyed.

The IPOB leader has continued requesting from the Nigerian government a referendum to determine their stay in Nigeria, assuring that Biafrans must be restored this year.

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