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JUST IN: Drama as ESN, Herdsmen clash in the Southeast (Video)

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An operation to send off all rampaging armed Herdsmen from the South-east community appears on course regarding recent footage of a clash with volunteers of the Eastern Security Network.

The video in circulation shared by IPOB Chinasa Nworu on Monday evening displays a bloody confrontation by the ESN force at an unidentified location.

The internal vigilantes chased the marauders and their cows for hours shooting in the air.

The clips uploaded in sections indicated the believed rearers running and stumbling and some of the cows appeared dead.

According to Nworu, noted the operation was carried in the Northern part of Biafra geared towards orchestrating Fulani Herdsmen roaming around to kill, rape women.

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He restated that removing the rampaging herders has been the sole aim for establishing ESN and the operation would go on until farmers can return to farms without fear of attack.

However, one of the men affirmed that a lot of ‘Bushmeats’ were gunned down.

Recall, the IPOB vigilante wing was inaugurated late last year with priority to flush out killers and rapists within forests and bushes in the region.

Since then, major criminal activities being witnessed in the region reduced drastically amid enforcement of Open Grazing Law in Southern states.


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