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Jubilation As American School Celebrates Igbo Culture In Style (Watch)

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In a viral clip shared by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC has indicted wide jubilation following an exhibition of Igbo culture in an American college.

The video sighted by #Scannews24 displays a number of entertainment including dancing, cola presentation, traditional attire by American International School.

The occasion, largely of white people, has women dressed in a green top, light orange wrapper and bead knitted blouse, men in red cap, light yellow Isi-Ago top, and black trousers.

The students were all colored in red Isi-Agu top, black trousers, Agbada, Ugwu Akwa and some with red caps. While the kids and toddlers glowing in traditional Nze cap, Is-Ago and Bead necklace.

Others exhibited in the widely celebrated occasion were Igbo rich native food – soup, Fufu, Garri, topped with dried fish, banger (palm fruit), Ukpa, Abacha, Ogbolo and Yam.

There is nothing gladden a set of people rich in culture and increase their pride than when another ethnic group finds love in their culture and way of life.

Meanwhile, the Igbo language is currently being added to the school curriculum in China to help enhance and expand the business relationship with Igbo people doing legitimate business across the world.

You will recall most business quarters in Asia includes some Igbo business colloquial terms like ‘ Kedu, Bia, etc. Igbos are globally recognized for their business attributes and jealously emulated.

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