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Jonathan, Tinubu reacts to Nigeria’s threatened unity

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Nigeria’s Ex-president, and former governor Lagos State, Goodluck Jonathan, and Ahmed Bolade Tinubu, have reacted to the threatened coexistence of regions in the country.

The African democratic ambassador, Jonathan remarked in a discussion with his friend that the country’s unity is questionable.

Jonathan was quoted as was speaking on the topic Peace for All Nations’ during an exclusive command performance by the Port-Harcourt Male Ensemble International in Abuja.

He told that the nation presently seems not to even have a nationwide youth body adding that in most situations the region’s youth bodies are stronger than the national youth body.

Emphasizing further former President Jonathan pointed out that ordinarily, the regional youth body ought to be stronger than the national youth body.
Giving a typical example with Bayelsa State, “if I am a national member of the Nigerian Youth Council, the IYC, Ijaw Youth Council, feels that they are your boss.

Continued “If you go to the Southwest and the North, the Arewa Youth Group, they feel they are superior to the national youth body.

With respect to the deduction above Jonathan concluded that the same issues are replicated both in the Southwest, Southeast, which has purely indicated Nigeria is in trouble.

“The unity of the country is questionable,” Jonathan said.

Similarly, the former governor of Lagos State, Ahmed Tinubu fumed against individuals allegedly planning to destabilize the unity of Nigeria, said they will not reach their ‘selfish interest’.

National leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Tinubu, who was speaking during Fatiha’s wedding on Friday, promised not to allow the faceless persons to achieve their aim.

In his words: “Dividers will not stop in doing things they think can divide us, but the truth of the matter is, we will not allow them to achieve their selfish interest.”

The APC Chieftain, called for peace and unity amongst the divides, noting that unity is the major area to be given priority daily.

Tinubu prayed for Fatiha, the daughter of an Islamic scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Bin-Uthman of Kano both the groom.


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