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Israeli filmmakers depart Nigeria after almost three weeks in jail

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Three Israeli filmmakers who had been detained in Nigeria for twenty days were discharged from detention Wednesday night time and boarded an airplane for their trip back to Israel.

Nigerian government acquitted the three from dungeon Tuesday night and transferred them to United States custody. American embassy workers afterward took them to the native Chabad center to spend the evening.

They got their passports and telephones just before their plane flew for Istanbul Wednesday night.

Both Israelis are expected to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport Thursday at 8:50 am.

A pro-Israel activist, Rudy Rochman who have nearly 95,000 followers on Instagram, his colleagues, filmmaker Andrew Noam Leibman and French-Israeli journalist Edouard David Benaym were seized July 9 while taking a shoot of a documentary in a separatist area of southeast Nigeria.

Similarly, the FG of Nigeria is presently holding leader of IPoB, Nnamdi Kanu for demanding a sovereign country, Biafra.

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