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IPOB members flood streets Canada in march for Nnamdi Kanu (Video)

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Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have flooded the streets of Canada in solidarity.

The family members who were sighted on live stream chants, holdings placards inscribed ‘Free Nnamdi Kanu’

Addressing the crowd, one of the organizers said the Kenyan government is aware of their dirty role played in the illegal repatriation of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

The video relay by social media blogger, Unbeatable, as well captured security personnel on foot movement with protestors appearing in Biafran inscribed T-shirts, holding megaphones and banners.

Kanu, who has been campaigning and calling for sovereign nation Biafra had requested a referendum from the Nigerian government to determine continued coexistence members regions, particularly, Southeast.

The group, IPOB has experienced severe clampdown by the state security operatives years in the past. Kanu’s father’s royal palace was sometime in 2017 invaded by believed military men prior to his case at the Federal High Court.

The IPOB leader, who was smuggled off Nigeria through land resurfaced in Israel close two years after. Buhari’s regime, which earlier proscribed the IPOB, declared Kanu wanted for jumping bail.

Kanu has since been broadcasting into Nigeria through freedom dedicated platform, Radio Biafra, incorporated in London. He had held several events, attended political in different countries without interference until his recent visit to Kenya.

Kanu, who lost his parents due to trauma and psychologically associated medical issues suffered during the military raid at his family House in Afaraukwu, Abia State, was seen in Abuja High Court on 29 June 2021.

Circumstances surrounding his re-arrest are yet to be addressed. However, AGF insisted Kanu’s arrest followed due process and legal.

Different countries including United Nations have indicated an interest in the case requesting further explains how the Radio Biafra Director was brought to Nigeria.

Conspiracy theories suggest Kanu was kidnapped with the help of Kenyan authorities for monetary rewards.

The lead counsel to the IPOB, Ifeanyi Ejiofor had said Kanu was illegally arrested and detained for eight days with undue torture without food. And was later made unconscious before handing over to Nigeria.

The process indicates a breach of diplomatic protocol and action against Kanu’s right, UN noted. Watch Video


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