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IPOB issues directives after DSS reportedly killed members during a meeting

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The leadership of the embattled Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has laid down a directive to its members against subsequent unprovoked attacks on members by Nigerian security operatives.

The order, referred to as code0530, was made known yesterday, 23 August 2020, by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during an emergency broadcast streamed via his Facebook fans page and other approved platforms.

This is coming after operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) allegedly invaded the IPOB family meeting in Enugu.

According to a series of videos made available to SCANNEWS24, three persons were spotted littered on the street in their pool of blood as many scampers to save their lives from raging bullets heard from the background.

A voice from the video which appears to be of one taking the coverage said ‘As you can see, they’re shooting our people’ failed to mention people behind the sporadical discharge of bullets.

However, IPOB said the attack was unleashed on its members in an unwarranted action while they were in a peaceful meeting in Enugu State.

In the order restricted to Enugu alone, Kanu said any further attack will not be tolerated, adding that one member killed will be responded in hundred and corpse whisked off. “Kill one IPOB and we shall kill one hundred of your men and their Corpse will not be found.

He suspended every unit gathering in the state in form of a meeting said is time to exhaust fate before them “Every family meeting in Enugu from this night is hereby suspended, let us take our fate in our hands.

Kanu said continued “We cannot allow this terrorists in uniform to keep killing our people and getting away with it.

They slapped us on one cheek and we turned the other one for them, what they now did is to bring out a knife and cut off our necks.

“Enough is enough”.

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