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IPOB Considers Joining Politics, Lists Conditions

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Nnamdi Kanu’s embattled separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has given thoughts about participating in Nigeria’s politics and weighed the possibility with conditions.

Disclosing through a statement signed and made public by Emma Powerful, the group’s media and publicity Secretary, noted that their involvement in politics would only work if the Federal Government would map out a day for a referendum to determine Biafra’s fate as a sovereign state.

The group further added that anything short of a United Nations monitored referendum to determine Biafra, would not consider having political time in Nigeria’s national affairs

In his words, partly: “We have always maintained that we are not interested in anything that has to do with Nigeria let alone taking any side in their fraudulent political process. IPOB are not zoo politicians.

“The only political process that IPOB will participate in is an UN-supervised Biafra Referendum that will usher in Biafra Sovereignty and Independence.

On linking and crediting notable security problems to her safety wing, the Eastern Security Network (ESN) Powerful said the statement by the Inspector General of Police is laughable and disgraceful to link alleged planned attacks on political campaigns and elections on ESN.

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It continued: “Anyone intending to link ESN Operative, Volunteers, including IPOB members in their planned political attacks is deluded and regret will always be their portion.

IPOB however, warned the Federal Government to leave the group alone, noting they remained focused on its mission to restore Biafra and would not be attracted for whatever reason.


“IPOB has remained peaceful and nonviolent in our quest of seeking Biafra freedom from Nigeria State and no amount of blackmail can change our resolve to restore Biafra from the shackles of Nigeria Government.

“Nigeria Government should leave IPOB/ESN alone. We are bigger than their political strategies. They can link or lure other groups into Nigeria Politics but not IPOB because we remain focused on our mission and can’t be attracted to what we abhor.

“We abhor anything in Nigeria and can’t be attracted to what we have rejected.

“The whole world should know that IPOB is not interested in the selection process they call an election in Nigeria because it doesn’t meet our standards to achieve Biafra freedom.

“IPOB will achieve Biafra freedom, not through Nigeria politics or election but through an UN-supervised referendum or an outright declaration of BIAFRA.”

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